Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Grad School Advice: Praxis

I just registered for my Praxis exam this past week and ordered THE book to study from a few weeks ago.  I posted this pic.

YIKES is right!  That book is huge.  There is SO much in it.  It makes me nervous for the test.  Since I have NO experience with this test at all and some of you have, I reached out to you to get some advice.  Here's what you said:

"I remember it being more of an application sort of test, which was difficult to study for. The practice tests in the book were definitely helpful."- Natalie Snyders

"Download the Praxis app and study the cards. It's kind of expensive but totally worth it!"- Roxanne Petterson

"I agree...practice tests! The book was an awesome help! Even for use during my CFY...everything was in it!"- Rae's Speech Spot

"Don't worry too much. You know more than you think."- Carly Fowler

"Just take your time going through it- you know a lot more than you think you do. Take the practice tests, they're a huge help. You will think you failed as you take it, but chances are good you'll do juuuuuuust fine."- Rachel Jones

"Take the practice test that ETS offers! Some of the questions were the exact same questions that I saw on the real one."- Stephanie McNemar

"I feel like the timing is important, so I did timed practice tests to get myself in the groove of pacing."- Jenna Rayburn

"Just breathe!"- Shannon Wilkinson

" relax. Most of the questions are common sense. When you apply them to students or clients you know, the answers are right there."- Jannike Johnsen

"Don't expect to know everything on the test. Sometimes you've just got to take your best guess based on what you know."- Lindsey Karol

"You only need to pass. Just passing and scoring high are the same. No one asks for your score during an interview."- Patti Bohlman

"Take a deep breath."- LyndaSLP123

"You cannot learn every fact in that book...just try and tackle a bit at a time. It's more important to take practice tests than to memorize each and every fact."- Speech Time Fun

"Pass the darn thing!"- Penny Benson

"Study study study, then study more until you dream about it. Then you're ready."- Kristy Davies

THANK YOU to everyone who responded.

Do you have more advice??? Comment below--we'd love to hear it!! 

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  1. You know this stuff. Sure, you need to study, but after getting through grad school you are more ready than you think! Study, study, study, and then RELAX the night before. Get to bed early. Wake up and have a relaxing breakfast. Go into it with confidence. You are going to do just fine. :-)

  2. Remember that the test covers more than you could possibly learn in 2 years of grad school! There were questions on there about things I have never even heard of (syndromes...omg so many syndromes!). So remind yourself that you only really need to get like a 60% to pass.

  3. Just a few years ago I felt the same way you feel. Don't worry -- you'll do great! I used the previous edition of this book to study for the test 4 years ago and can vouch that it is a great resource! One of the authors was my professor at Sac State and she knows her stuff.


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