Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Language Empires {app review}

First, let me apologize for being absent recently. It's midterm time again. But GUESS WHAT? These are the very LAST midterms I will ever have to take! WOOHOO!!! I could not be more excited!

Anyway, on to the topic of the day: Language Empires.  This is an awesome app from Smarty Ears that your language kiddos will have SO much fun with!  It was released in January, but they just did an update that includes some awesome features (homework and certificates among other things)!

As always, you have several menu options including a video tutorial, contact info, and liking Smarty Ears on Facebook, and more of their apps.  I would always recommend going through the tutorial. Barbara does a great job of explaining the app! Of course, if you have questions about it, you can contact her!

When you first start, add a student (or multiple ones).  Adjust the settings accordingly, and then hit "Next."

Once you select the students, you can select which empire you would like to visit. That is, which area you would like to target.  Drag the student's picture from the bottom of the screen to the given empire.

Once you drag the picture to the empire, click "Next," and you will begin the activity.  The empires are as follows:

Figurative Language:








So when you're done playing, hit the "Done" button, click on the student's picture, and then choose either report or treasures.

Guess what else???? There's a homework and certificate option now!

What I like about this app:
-It targets SO many aspects of language!
-It's a great theme. Everyone likes an adventure, and it throws in a little history with the different empires.
-It uses real pictures to supplement the questions.
-Up to five kids can play at once.
-The scenarios are relevant and are ones that students can relate to.
-It is compatible with Therapy Report Center.
-You can print a certificate for completion of all or some activities.
-There are levels for some of the activities. Some have 2, others have 3.
-There are homework sheets!

Bottom Line:
This is a great app that targets so many areas of language.  I would recommend this app to any SLP to have in their "bag of tricks" or "toolbox."  Your students will have fun with this one!!

Want this app?? You can find it on iTunes for $24.99 at the time of this review!

Disclaimer: A code for the app was provided to me for my review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are mine. 

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