Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SLP Student Teaching Binder

Are you supervising an SLP graduate student clinician in the school setting? This is the product for you!! 

This product is designed to help the first few weeks of supervising go smoothly for both you and your graduate student. Fill out some of the pages together, talk about the expectations, discuss the schedule and various students, and fill in the blank sections with specific information about your school. Your graduate student will LOVE and APPRECIATE it! Help them feel adjusted as quickly as possible! 

Sections include:
-Cover Page (as seen above)

-Welcome Letter

-Contracts/Expectations-includes one filled in with some expectations and a blank one for you to write in your own.  Each of you will sign this and receive a copy. 

-All About Me-- a section for the student to fill out and give to you, includes contact information, pertinent medical information, previous clinical experiences, and goals for this experience

-School and Staff- includes important information about the school building, school staff, your information, information about the speech room, information about teachers that you work closely with, and information about other staff members. 

-Planning- includes a lesson plan template, a to-do list, and pages for future ideas

-Students and Schedules- includes caseload information, behavior management ideas, weekly schedule template, and a schedule for each day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

-Resources- a list of websites and apps, including blank lines for you to add your favorites to

These sections just include the cover page.  You fill in the rest for your student! 

-Maps and Policies- fill this in with specifics from your school
-Common Core- fill this in with specifics from your school/practice
-Sample Goals- fill this in with a set of your goals or an IEP goal bank
-Sample Reports- fill this in with specific reports from your school, could include parent reports, IEPs, progress notes 

I have the COLOR version shown.  I also have a BLACK AND WHITE version available! Both are available in my TpT Store

I hope you enjoy this product and that your student finds it useful! 

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