Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ASHA Photo Scavenger Hunt {giveaway}

Are you going to ASHA???  Want to have some fun with Consonantly Speaking and me??  Let's do a photo scavenger hunt of things you find at ASHA!   Submit your photos via email (homesweetspeechroom@gmail.com) or Instagram daily (#ASHAphotohunt), and we will randomly choose a person to win $10 worth of items from my store PLUS a product from Consonantly Speaking!!

It's pretty simple--over the course of the next few days, take pictures of the following things you see.  You may take just one or all of them!

1.  Your favorite session (the sign or listing in program works)

2.  Your favorite product that you saw or purchased

3. Your favorite meal/ place to eat

4. Your favorite place outside of McCormick Place to go!

5. Your favorite shoes to wear around the conference

6. A conference sign

7. A picture of the lake

8. Anything else you think is fun!!

And just for fun, me-- this one will be difficult, I know.  If you can find me in the masses, you will get some extra credit!

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