Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

I'm a little late to this party, but nevertheless, I am here.  As I mentioned yesterday, it's been a crazy start to the year, especially the last few days.  I wanted to write out my resolutions for all of you and challenge you to do something with me.

My Resolutions/Goals:
-Reading for pleasure--For so long, I've been reading for school.  I forgot my love for reading because I began to dread reading such big medical textbooks.  This year, I want to read for pleasure.
-Blogging more and creating more materials
-Learn about another area of the field that I haven't learned all that much about
-Find a job!
-Beginning the day with a positive thought
-Unplugging for a little bit each day (this means no tv, phone, computer, or iPad)

-Last but not least, count my blessings.  I got the idea to do a blessings jar.  Just write down the little moments where you feel blessed.  They can be big moments too.  So often I forget how BIG I'm blessed.  I want to look back on my year next January and see the shower of His blessings.

Who's with me??

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