Wednesday, January 8, 2014

TalkPath Reading {app review}

This has been quite the week, friends!  We got hit with a pretty big snowstorm, which resulted in 12.5 inches of snow!  I love snow, but my city was NOT prepared for it.  We had to deal with some less than stellar circumstances, including heat not working super well.  No heat= not productive.  In the meantime, I'm trying to study for the Praxis.  Not happening very well...

Anyway, onto today's topic!  Last week, I introduced you to a new series of apps called TalkPath from Lingraphica.  The next app in the series is TalkPath Reading!  Take a look and see what you think.

There are four activities: Matching, Word ID, Describe the Picture, and Sentence Completion.  As with the last app, you have a choice of levels.

For Matching, there is a number, letter, word, or sentence at the bottom.  Generally speaking, the client will read that bottom line and then match it to the correct on in the top line.  They can also click the "speak" button to hear the letter, number, words, and phrases. to be read aloud.  The patient/client will then touch which written letter/number it matches.  The free app gives you 5 opportunities.  The first level begins with single letters and numbers.  By the third level, there are sentences.

For Word ID, the same concept holds true here.  This time, it's a word at the bottom, and the client has to match a picture.   Again, the levels increase the difficulty.  There are four levels here.  One thing I love about this one is that it gives you a "text" option, where the client can put the text for each word!  I know many clients who would need this, so I'm loving this option!

For Describe the Picture, a picture is given at the bottom.  There are sentences or words given at the top.  The client will choose the correct one.  The client has the options for the options to be read aloud. Just hit the speak button.  I love this feature!

For the sentence completion activity, the client is given a sentence and has to fill in the blank with one of the choices listed.

Things I love about the app:
-It allows for different levels and some scaffolding.
-I really like that there are four different ways to target reading.
-I like the options that have it speak or write out the words/sentences.
-Again, it's for adults!
-As with the last app, it gives written instructions at the top.
-I love that you can try it out for free before purchasing the full app.

One thing I'd love to see:
-This is the same as last time, but I'd love to see a way to have an accuracy score.  This allows for easier data keeping.

This app is FREE (with in-app purchases available for the full version).  You can find it here.

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