Thursday, January 23, 2014

TalkPath Speaking {app review}

To continue with reviews in the TalkPath app series, I bring you TalkPath Speaking.  As with the other apps, it is an app specifically designed for those with aphasia.

There are four exercises:

Functional Word Repetition- The clients repeat the spoken word, which is accompanied by a picture. The picture and written word becomes bigger on the screen as it is spoken aloud.  As the client moves up in the levels, the words become more difficult and more abstract.

Functional Phrase Repetition- This is the same concept as functional word repetition but with phrases.  The picture also becomes bigger here as it is spoken aloud.  The phrases gradually get longer, starting with two words and progressing to five or more.

Flashcard Naming- In this section, the client will name the picture item.  There are four hint buttons long the side to help with naming.  These include a definition, a fill in the blank, a choice, and finally, text.  The hints/cues start pretty broad and eventually become specific.

Tell Me More- The client will name the pictured item and then use the buttons around the picture to give more information about the pictured item.  These include category, use, action (if applicable), properties, location, and association.

Helpful Hints:
-The "exit" button returns you to the menu for that activity (not the homepage).
-There is an option to turn of scoring, add number of tasks per activity, speak the instructions, and use uppercase letters.  This is all under settings.

Things I Like:
-It's for aphasia--many apps are child-oriented and not adults.
-It's specifically designed to address expressive language.
-There are multiple levels to each activity, which allows for an easy progression through goals.
-There are written instructions at the top.
-Four different speaking tasks are targeted.
-The activities are associated with the NOMS.
-That you can try it out for free before purchasing the whole app.

Updates I'd Like:
-Bigger pictures/buttons.  The pictures that pop up in the Functional Word and Phrase Repetition activities are good.  The buttons and pictures in the Tell Me More activity could be bigger/ arranged better.
-A way to track data over time/per user.  Right now, you can only keep it for one person at the time of use for that specific activity.

You can preview this app for free and then complete the in-app purchase for the full version!  So great that you can test it out first! Download it on iTunes here!

Disclaimer: I was contacted to write a review for this app.  No compensation was received.  All opinions expressed are mine. 

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