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Sand and Water Sensory Table {product review}

Note: A copy of this product and another were sent for my review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions expressed are mine.  This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.  

I'm so excited to show you a portion of a brand new packet on Educents right now: Preschool Rocks!  This product contains 19 different activities, all geared towards preschoolers. The following are the activities included:

One of the activities called Sand and Water Sensory Table!  I was so excited when I was asked to review this part because one of my favorite activities to do with preschoolers is the sensory table.  We put sand, water, noodles, and various other materials in our sensory table.  Generally, we tend to avoid food because of allergies.

The packet contains the following activities:

  •  Brain Research (which supports using the sand and water table
  •  Teaching Tips
  •  Purpose of Activities
  • Twelve sand table cards
  • Fourteen water table cards
  • Response Sheets
  • Posters (to use with task card activities)
  • Thematic Word Cards

Brain Research-
These are short statements on what the research says on sensory tables and the brain.  I love seeing that it's research based!

Teaching Tips-
These are options if you do not have a commercial sensory table.  These include using plastic bins and baby baths.

Purpose of Activities-
This page lists the vocabulary words you can target with a sensory table as well as other purposes (motor planning, problem solving, etc).

Sand Table Cards-
First, the author gives alternatives to using sand.  These are listed by theme, which is great, too!

The cards all look very similar with the activities listed:

Water Table-
The cards look the same as with the sand table, describing the activities and variations you can do with them.

Response Sheets-
Some of the activities require the students to make notes/record their findings.  They look similar to this:

This packet also contains posters to accompany the activities. These are to be laminated.

Thematic Word Cards-
These are to be printed, laminated, cut apart, and placed in the sand table.  Students will search the sand table for these cars and match the initial letter with the letter magnet.

Overall, I love this packet!  I would definitely recommend it to others.  I love that these activities are being done by teachers and still target our goals as SLPs!!   I love how many different activity suggestions the author gives, too.  This is most definitely a packet I will be using in the future!

Again, you can find this as part of a larger bundle here!  Hope you love it!

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