Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Let's Be Social {app review}

As an SLP working with children who love using iPads, I'm always looking for high quality apps that are engaging at the same time as targeting goals well!  I was so excited when I heard about Let's Be Social by Everyday Speech!

There are five pre-set categories: Personal Interactions, Navigating the Community, Social Behavior, Handling Change, and Social Relationships.

The Personal Interactions category has five pre-set lesson plans/stories: Making Eye Contact, Greeting Friends, Keeping Personal Space, Taking Turns in Conversation, and Joining a Group.

Navigating the Community has four lessons: Going to the Doctor's, Playing on the Playground, Eating at a Restaurant, and Going to the Movies.

School Behavior has six pre-set lessons: Sitting in Class, Making Inappropriate Noises, Waiting in Line, Eating in the Cafeteria, Respecting Teachers, and Reading in Front of the Class.

Handling Change has three lessons: Transitioning at School, Dealing with Disappointment, and Going to a New School.

Social Relationships has seven pre-set lessons: Apologizing, Making Friends, Hurting a Friend's Feelings, Playing at a Friend's House, Being Teased, Helping a Friend, and Understanding Jokes.

Once you've selected your category, click on your lesson of choice.  On the first page will be a summary/lesson.  This is a story to accompany the lesson.

Then, hit start to view the questions.  The student will select the answer he/she thinks is correct.  The app provides immediate feedback by saying "Incorrect" or "That's right!"

You also have the option to create your own category/skill set or lessons.

What I Love:
-This app was developed by SLPs.
-There are 25 different lessons!
-You can create your own lessons!
-Good variety of lessons/topics
-Great story examples (just a little long-see below).
-I can use this with so many different patients on my caseload right now!!

What I'd Love to See:
-A method to collect data.  This isn't necessary, but it would save SLPs time.
-I'd love to see visuals for each answer choice in the questions.  My patients who cannot read would still be able to participate without models and lots of cueing.

Currently, this app is listed at $14.99 in the iTunes App Store.  Be sure to check it out!

Note: A copy of this app was provided to me in exchange for my review.  No compensation was received.  All opinions expressed are mine.  

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