Thursday, January 30, 2014

TalkPath Writing {app review}

I'm back with a review of the last app in the TalkPath series: TalkPath Writing!

A little bit about this app:
-It was designed by SLPs and scientists.
-It targets writing skills (retraining or acquiring).
-It looks similar to the other TalkPath apps.
-As with the other apps in this series, there are four activities:  copying, spelling, sentence scramble, and complete the phrase!


This activity is a pretty simple concept.  The client is given a written word and is instructed to copy the word.  The lower levels have the letters of the word in white and the rest with a gray background.  Love the natural scaffolding this provides.


Select the level at which your client will work.  The client is then provided a keyboard and a picture.  The client will spell/type out the pictured word.  As the levels increase, the words get longer.  There is also an option for a hint, which adds a letter for the client.  You can also press the Speak button to hear the word again.  I love the fact that the picture is enlarged for a period of time, as it makes it much easier to see!

Sentence Scramble:

In this activity, the client will be given a set of words that are scrambled up.  The client will then unscramble the phrase into the boxes provided below.  As the levels increase, the phrases get longer and the words get smaller (more to fit on the page!).

Complete the Phrase:

For this activity, the client will complete the written phrase by typing out the final word.  For example, "Knife and _____ (fork)".  There are three levels for this activity, and they gradually increase in difficulty.  In level 1, the keyboard has gray background on all of the letters.

What I Love:
-The activities correlate with the NOMS
-There are different levels for each activity.
-There are some prompts built into the app.
-It was developed by SLPs and scientists.
-The images temporarily enlarge!
-It's designed for those with aphasia after a stroke or another neurological event.

What I'd Like to See:
-Data--I've said this every time. Again, it's not necessary for the app to do it for us, but it's so much nicer.

You can try this app for free here.  The app offers an in-app purchase for the complete set of exercises.

Note: I was contacted to review this app. No compensation was receive. All opinions expressed are mine. 

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