Friday, April 25, 2014

iPractice Verbs {app review and giveaway}

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Yesterday, you read about an app from Smarty Ears called Preposition Remix.  Today, I bring you another fabulous app from them called iPractice Verbs!

Here's a description from Smarty Ears:
iPractice Verbs is an app developed to help children learn and practice basic English verbs in a variety of levels (word, phrase, sentence) and tense forms (present, present progressive & past tense). iPractice Verbs was designed by a licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist to serve as a tool for children with language delays and as a tool for children and adults learning English as a second language. iPractice Verbs is very intuitive to use and it is compatible with the Therapy Report Center ( A FREE caseload management application).

Enter and select your student or students.  Once you do so, the app will pop up a box for you to choose an activity- either flashcards or find it.  

Here is what the Find It activity looks like.  First, select which tense you would like to target.  There is a sentence at the bottom, and the student is to identify which picture matches the sentence.  If the student chooses incorrectly, the picture disappears. 

Here is what the flashcards look like.  You can change the tense or the length of utterance on the left hand side.  Also note the green, yellow, and red buttons in the lower right corner for data collection.  

When the activity is over, a screen similar to this will appear.  You can choose to view the student's stickers, their progress, or generate a certificate.  

Here is what the sticker page looks like:

Here's is what a progress report would look like:

You can also generate certificates!  The great thing about this is that you can select the level of mastery so that the certificate is personalized to their abilities!

One of my favorite features is the HOMEWORK!   These can be used as homework or as practice sheets for other sessions.  

Overall, I really like this app.  It truly is intuitive, as they have advertised.  This app is perfect for some of my students who are working on verb tenses and subject-verb agreement.  My students always benefit from receptive components as well as expressive activities, and this app provides both!  As always, I love the data collection and report capabilities and the fact that they can be exported to Therapy Report Center.  I also appreciate the use of real images over symbols, which helps my younger students understand better.  It is a great addition to my collection of apps. 

You can find this app in the iTunes store for $9.99 at the time of this post.  

Smarty Ears has generously donated a code for one lucky reader to win!  Enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win: 

Note: A code for the app was provided for my review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions expressed are mine. 

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  1. Its focus on verbs only. my delayed kids have only nouns. thanks

  2. My favorite part of the app is that it includes homework!

  3. I love that it targets word, phrase, and sentence level. I also love the option for HOMEWORK (because who doesn't love homework? :))

  4. I like that the ipractice verbs targets the word, utterance, and sentence levels. I also like that the flash cards have realistic picture symbols and that positive reinforcement (stickers and certificates) are part of the app!

  5. I love the homework feature, but I really wish there were more apps like this for older students.


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