Thursday, July 17, 2014

Binders and Planners {linky party}

One thing that is a must for me is to be ORGANIZED.   I cannot live without my planner(s).  Lauren at Busy Bee Speech is hosting a Binders and Planners Linky party as part of her Organization Week!   Check it out here.


This year, I'm planning to use Lauren's planner actually!  Check out her adorable video preview of it:

When assembling my planner, I added my Speech Room Inventory Sheets at the back, so that I could have everything in one place!

My one big thing with my planners is that I like to have everything in ONE place.   I want a quick reference place for me to have with me at all times.   I haven't used it much yet, as I haven't been able to get into my room and read files yet.   Here's a peek into it right now though:

I will use it to keep track of my IEPs, other due dates,  monthly planning at a glance, and weekly planning among other things!

As far as binders go,  I used to use them all of the time.  It seemed like a great way to carry everything in one spot.  In fact, I had one binder per class in college and grad school.   However, I quickly learned that I thought they were bulky, difficult to fit into my purse/ bag, and took up a lot of space on shelves!  So all that to say, I typically don't use binders anymore and use folders, spiral binding, etc.  Just a personal preference thing.

The exception is when there is a product that I want to be protected more than just spiral binding, file folders, or in ziploc bags.  Here are a couple examples for you:

EBP Binder
Co-Articulation Binder

My thesis
Well, there you have it.  A quick peek into how I use planners and binders in my speech room!  How do you use planners and binders in your speech room? 

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  1. Wow thanks for the shout-out! And love those inventory sheets. Super cute! Thanks for linking up!


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