Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Let's Talk About Books: Week 6 {linky}

Can you believe it is the middle of July already?  Wow...  Time is flying by!  I thought I had tons of time to prep for the school year...wrong!   So enjoy those last few moments of summer.

Today, I'm linky up for the 6th week of the Let's Talk About Books linky party with Deanna Jump.  Head on over here to see all of those who have linked up!   I wanted to talk about one of THE cutest books I've ever seen.  I read this in one of my social and language groups, and the students just loved it.

I bring you Too Hot To Hug by Steve Smallman and Gee Biscoe.

Here's a description from Amazon:
 "When Rupert finds a golden egg, he takes it home to show to Mum and Dad. Then suddenly: Tap! Tap! Crack! out hatches a baby fire dragon! From then on, Crumpet the dragon is Rupert's best friend. But soon Crumpet starts to grow. And as he grows, he gets ...HOTTER! An original and amusing text with a touching message of belonging and acceptance. Both children and adults will love the adorable hero of this heart-warming tale. The characters are brought to life by the illustrator of Gruff the Grump and Bumble."
Here's a quick peek through some of the book:

I used this book mainly for the social concepts in it of acceptance, belonging, and being friends (as it mentions above).  I also used it for practice retelling stories, answering WH-questions, formulating sentences, and verb tense (I had them change it while retelling).

Have you read this book?  How would you use it in your classroom/ speech room? 

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  1. Oh, I've been working with my daughter this summer on comprehension. This would be a great book for her. I'm hoping to wow her speech and special ed teacher when she goes back to school this fall! Thanks for the great suggestion!

    A Teacher Without A Class

  2. I just bought a dragon for the classroom... looks like I gotta get this book, too. Thanks.
    Kidpeople Classroom


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