Thursday, July 31, 2014

Owl Speech Room Decor

Owls are everywhere right now!  I thought they would be really cute in my speech room, and I found a set of owl clipart with colors that will appeal to most of my students!   I will post pictures of these items in my room later on this month once everything is perfectly set up and ready to go.  

Included in this 92 page packet are:

-Welcome Bunting with options of three colors of lettering

-“Speech is a Hoot!” letters for bulletin boards or walls.  Cut these out and put on your bulletin board, door, or front of your desk! 

-Hall Passes (nurse, boys' bathroom, girls' bathroom, hall pass)

- Decorative Labels in 2 sizes

-Note sheets, one design with "A note from ____" and one blank design

-“In Our Speech Room..” Rules with 4 background color options

-"Speech-Language Therapy" signs with various background color options

-"Welcome to our Speech Room" signs with various background color options

-"Owl-ways Use Your Best Speech and Language" signs 

-"Speech and Language are a Hoot" signs

-Binder Covers in three colors

-Calendar labels, including the months of the year and squares for every day of the week

-Grade labels, including one label for every grade from preschool through senior year of high school

-Large owls to be used on bulletin boards, desks, walls, bookshelves, or any place else in your speech room that you need a large owl. Some also have words of our field on them (articulation, describing, retelling, grammar, etc) to make a bulletin board showing what we do!

- Behavior Clip chart with an owl theme

Also includes: 
-"Shhh...We are Testing" and "I'm in a Meeting. Be Back Soon" signs

-"I Can” bubble letters for bulletin boards or walls

-"I Can" letters in circles for bulletin boards or walls

I really hope you love this and can use it in your speech room!   If you are interested in using this, you can find it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Enjoy!

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  1. Are some of the owl cut outs blank so that I can write students names on them?

  2. Hi Melissa--
    Great question! There are blank ones included-one of each color (brown, blue, pink, and green)!



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