Monday, October 13, 2014

New iPad Case

One of my favorite things to use in therapy is my iPad.  I try not to use it every day because my students get used to it and then ask for it all of the time.  I had a simple, black case on it up until this point, but I was afraid that it wasn't very protective.

I went into a local office supply store the other day and found this one!

The store I went into had black. blue, and pink options.  As much as I wanted pink, I went with blue because it was more gender neutral.  All of my students love it!!

Here's the packing for you:

I love that it is:
-easy to slip on and off
-big and easy to grip
-easy to spot across the room
-protective if it get's dropped
-textured and prevents sliding across the table
-relatively cheap as far as iPad cases go (I found mine for $19.99!)

What is your favorite iPad case to use and why? 
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