Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our Speech Room Staples Linky Party

Do you have favorite materials that you use over and over and over again?  I know I do!  Thanks to Speechy Musings for hosting a fun linky party where we get to talk about those favorite materials! 

Here's a few that I use all of the time from other sellers:

I use these Articulation Menus from Speechy Musings A LOT!  My students love it and gets them working on something a little more practical.  It helps with carryover!

Another product I use all the time are these Home Articulation Packets from For His Glory!  My students love these fun, easy activities.  I love that my students do their homework and are doing activities that encourage carryover!

Another product that I use on a regular basis is the Curriculum-Based Language Assessments set from Nicole Allison.

My last staple to share with you today is Speech Sound Alphabet from For His Glory.  I use these for drill and for stations.  They hang at the front of my room, and my students know to grab them for practice!

From my store, I would recommend the following:

The first is my Making Sense of Idioms unit.  I have a lot of fifth grade friends with figurative language goals. I use this packet at least once a week!

The next is something I use every session of every day--my Speech/Language Folders.  These have helped me organize my students and be sure I am addressing their goals.

Head on over to Speechy Musings to see everyone who has linked up and find some new staples to have your in your room!

Which products are staples in your room?

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! Love these other products as well!


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