Monday, January 12, 2015

Goals for Second Semester

We are one week in to second semester at my school, and I have done a lot of reflecting over the past few weeks about my goals for this semester.  I learned a lot during my first semester on the job.  I learned how to be more efficient when doing paperwork, how to manage my time so that no group is cut short on their minutes, how to see groups of 5-6 if needed, how to work with teachers, how to most effectively schedule meetings, and more.  It was a great first semester.  I cannot wait to see what second semester holds!

My goals for second semester:
-Rely less on games and instill in my students that drill is ok
-Have the students take more ownership of their data and be able to interpret it
-Continue planning interdisciplinary lessons that tie in with the Common Core
-Map out IEP meeting schedule for the rest of the semester
-Read up on hypernasality
-Continue to try to not take work home (it's inevitable sometimes, but I like to be done for the day when I come home)

Goals for my students:
-Be able to use their data
-Improve scores on district and state assessments
-Make progress on their speech, language, social language, voice, and/or fluency goals

My personal goals:
-Drink more water
-Sleep 8 hours/ night
-Read for fun
-Go to the gym 3x/ week

Those are just some of my many goals!  I'll let you know in May/ June how they turned out!

What are your goals for this semester? 

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