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Top 10 Apps of the Year (2014)- Yapp Guru Expert Linky Party

Hope you all had a fantastic New Year!   As you are probably aware, I am part of Yapp Guru, serving as an "expert" app reviewer.    As part of being an expert, we were asked to list our top ten apps of the year.

I have used my iPad a lot this first year on the job.  It has been an easy go-to when I've had a busy day and haven't had time to prep the materials I wanted to (again, still learning!).  My students find the iPad extremely engaging, and they are still working on their goals. What more does an SLP want? ;)

So without further ado, here are my top ten apps of 2014!

This is one of my favorite apps because you can target so many different goals in one therapy session.  I also love that it is multi-player.  The areas it targets are figurative language, vocabulary, WH questions, sequencing, predicting, and inferencing.  

This app has been my go-to this year to get quick data for myself when a referral comes in or a transfer student with a current IEP comes in.  I like to get update information for myself in addition to the information already provided in the IEP.  It is a great tool!  It may seem expensive at first, but it is definitely worth the price.  The quality of this app is phenomenal!

Image courtesy of Yapp Guru

This is another app that I use a lot with my students.  They love that it's a board game, and I love that it keeps them engaged.  Again, you can work on multiple goals in one session, and it is multiplayer!  It focuses on antonyms, synonyms, and multiple meaning words! 

Verb Quest- $19.99

I have one student in particular that is working on verbs and using them in a sentence.  This is a great way for him to practice determining which one (from a choice of 2) goes into the sentence.  He can work on it independently while I'm working with other students!  Students love the wizard theme, too!

This app is one of my students' favorites and therefore one of my favorites.  Erik has created an app that allows the students to get many productions of their sounds while having tons of fun and great discussions!

 This is one of my students' favorite reinforcer apps!  When they earn a prize and choose 2 minutes on their choice of game on the iPad, this is often what they choose.  I also use it for following directions and WH questions regarding what they have made. 

Word Flips- $29.99

Image courtesy of Yapp Guru
Word Flips is a book that I was first introduced to when I did my clinical rotation at a Children's hospital.  Then I found out that they made an app version!  I was so excited.  My students with apraxia enjoy this app and "flipping" the pages to a new word! 

Image courtesy of Yapp Guru

This app is another one my students enjoy!  Something about board games really gets them interested.  I use this with my students of all ages (K through 5).  It is a fun way to practice articulation targets and take data! 

Social Quest- $21.99

  Image courtesy of Yapp Guru

This app is another go-to for me when I need something quick to pull out for my students working on these skills.  It addresses situations in various locations that you would be in throughout your normal day (classroom, kitchen, etc).  

Lego Juniors- FREE
 Again, this is one of my students' favorite reinforcers, another game that they always select for their prize time.  It's popular with both the boys and the girls!  I also use it for describing, following directions, and WH questions.

It was a great year, and I have learned to love these apps and many more.  Check out more blog posts from Yapp Guru experts here!  

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