Monday, September 21, 2015

SimuCase Virtual Case Studies

Have you heard of  They have a new case study series called SimuCase, and it is awesome!!

It was originally used by students in Ohio, but they are expanding it to all SLPs to use to hone their skills.

Check out this video tour:

This site is designed to help walk you through the assessment process and really fine tune your skills.  It walks you through assessment, diagnosis, and making recommendations.   They are real cases that people have submitted.  The videos are animated, but you get to hear the actual voices and work samples of these clients.  Experts in the various areas have reviewed these cases and the scoring is based on their recommendations.

I believe this is an extremely valuable tool for students and SLPs to use.   It allows you to practice your skills and shows you what "good" versus "excellent" skills are.  SimuCase allows users to analyze which team members are necessary and which types of questions will get the point quickly without being redundant.  I would recommend this to anyone looking to further their skills.  It's definitely something I wish I had in graduate school!  Another thing I really like is that it has case studies for a wide variety of ages and disorders--it includes preschool, school age, and adults with diagnoses of language disorder, fluency disorder, TBI, dysphonia, stroke, articulation disorder, voice disorder, and developmental delay. It is extremely comprehension in the variety of the clients and in the process of gathering a case history, selecting assessments, diagnosing, and making recommendations.

Now I know the question on everyone's mind is about CEUs.  Right now, they are not offered as part of it, but they are working on it!  So definitely check back if you need CEUs because this is worth your time!  They are also planning on adding more cases over time.

If interested, you can check it out here!

What do you think?  Would you use this?

Note:  Trial access was provided for my review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions expressed are mine. 

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