Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Multisyllabic Word Party {app review + giveaway}

Apps continue to be a great way to motivate my students.  I'm always looking for new ways to target multisyllabic words and counting syllables.  Home Speech Home released a new app a month or so ago to do just that!  Check it out with me below.

First, watch this video to see how it works!

There are four games:

Tip-Tap--This game is a simple pacing board where the students tap out the different syllables of the word.  It uses different colors to separate the syllables and teach segmentation.

Outline- This game is geared toward teaching shape recognition.  The students drag the picture to the outline of that object. When put in the right spot, the picture will pop up with the pacing card (as seen in Tip-Tap).

Say and Slice- Students will say the word and slice it where the syllables are. It is a great way to target segmentation!

Remember- This game is based on Memory.  Students will try and match pictures.  When they make a correct match, the pacing card will pop up.

I love that this app was created by speech-language pathologists.  I appreciate the reinforcement--both audio and visual.   This app is easy to use for both the SLP and the students.  It is a perfect tool for individual or group therapy as well as center time.  This app uses real images, which are easy to understand/interpret.  This app can be used with a variety of students too!  Your students will enjoy this app!

If you are interested in purchasing this app, it's available on the App Store for $3.99 at the time of this review.

Home Speech Home is giving away a couple of copies of this app for Home Sweet Speech Room readers!  Enter below:

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  1. This looks perfect for some of my younger kids!

  2. I target multisyllabic words primarily with flash cards. But an app with games would be so much cooler!

  3. I target them with pacing boards

  4. I like to use syllable drill cards and tap lights!

  5. We divide words us by the number of syllables we are able to tap out. We do a lot of movement to tap, jump, etc for each syllable.


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