Friday, November 13, 2015

ASHA Sales and Fun

Happy Friday, all!

I hope you're enjoying ASHA if you are at the convention in Denver right now!  I was not able to attend this year, but I was able to go in previous years and loved it!  It's a great learning and networking opportunity!

In honor of ASHA happening this weekend, my TpT store will be on sale until Saturday, November 12! Check it out here!

Another sale happening right now is Word Vault Pro--it's discounted to $19.99 for the convention.  Get it now!! It's an awesome app!

One last thing--if you haven't seen it already, there's a photo scavenger hunt right now!  To join, check out this group on Facebook called the Unofficial ASHA15 Photo Scavenger Hunt!  You can win 40 AWESOME prizes from a lot of bloggers (22 to be exact)!

Finally, be sure to check out major companies like Super Duper.  A lot of them have sales just for ASHA!

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