Monday, August 29, 2016

EBP Quick Reference: Second Edition

I am so excited to announce that the second edition of the EBP Quick Reference is now available!

This update has been 3 years in the making.  I included tons of new research from the last 3 years, including some topics such as video games and giving virtual speeches.  Also included are all of the apps that have come out in the last three years and the research behind them.

As in the first edition, the information is organized in charts with the treatment technique or structural problem, the population, a description of the intervention or problem, the citation, and any notes.

The binder has newly updated headings and fonts. They are color-coded:
  • purple=intervention information
  • blue=app information
  • peach=references

There are two new sections. There are now sections for receptive and expressive language and for childhood apraxia of speech. 

If you own the first version, simply go to your purchases page on Teachers Pay Teachers and download the update! 

I use this as a starting point with new clients, as a place to check when I need a new idea, and with administrators/parents when I need justification for why I'm doing what I'm doing.   

How do you use it? Comment below to let me know!

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