Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Making the Most of Your Commute

I have a 30 minute commute each direction, and I'm starting to love it. I'm trying to find ways to make the most of it, and here's how.

1. Jam out to music. This one might be the most obvious one. Put on some good tunes, sing along, have a dance party, and just start or end your day a little more relaxed.

2. Listen to a podcast. This is one of my favorite things to do. As much as I say I'm going to research something when I get home, sometimes it just doesn't happen. A podcast is a great way to learn about a topic while you're driving!  My favorite one recently has been from Teach Me To Talk!

3. Similarly, listen to an audiobook. I love reading but don't always find the time to do it. An audiobook is a great way for me to read some of the lastest or popular books out there.  Here are affiliate links to some of my favorite recently: The Light Between Oceans, At The Water's Edge, Go Set A Watchman, and All The Light We Cannot See

4. Take the in the beauty of nature. On my drive, there are tons of trees, ponds, and wildflowers (among houses and other buildings). I was driving to work the other morning and was able to see the sunrise. The way the light was reflecting off all of those things was just stunning. I wanted to stop and take a picture. Sometimes, I'm to concerned about other things that I fail to notice the simple beauty.

5. Set your goals for the day.  Think about what you want to accomplish that day and how you're going to get there. What do you want your clients to achieve today?  What attitude are you bringing to the table today?

6. Decompress from a long day.  I try very hard not to take the stress of the workplace home with me. It's inevitable sometimes, yes. However, having 30 minutes to relax and take some deep breaths has helped.

7. Pray. When I'm driving, I like to pray for my family, friends, my clients, the world, and more. I put on some Contemporary Christian music or Classical music and just lift up all of my prayer requests.

8. Mentally plan an upcoming event. Do you have a birthday party or other event coming up? Think about what you're going to want for decorations, what you'd like to purchase for a gift, or what food you want to serve.   When you get to your destination, write these down so you don't forget them.

What are your favorite ways to make the most of your commute? 

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  1. I share your love of all these ideas...my commute is an hour.


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