Thursday, August 24, 2017

Top School Supplies List for New SLPs

I remember as a new SLP,  I was completely overwhelmed and unsure of what exactly I needed.  This included everything from specific speech and language materials to "simple" school supplies.  They provide students a list of what school supplies they will need, so why didn't they supply me one? Well today, I'm going to provide that school supply list for you!  These are in no particular order. 

1.  Pens--find a pen that you like.  Some prefer roller ball, ink, or flair pens.  Find what you like the best and buy a lot. 

2. Paper clips--you will be sending a lot of papers to teachers and parents.  

3. Binder clips--this will help keep stacks and stacks of paper together. 

4. A good stapler--find one that will staple 40+ pages together.  You will NOT regret this. 

5. Envelopes--I send IEPs and other notes home in envelopes for privacy purposes. These are a must. 

6. Velcro--Do I need to explain?  You will use this for so many materials! 

7. Laminator and laminating pouches--Again, need I explain? It will make your materials last longer and the quality will likely be higher than the school-provided laminator. 

8. Glue--great for craftivities. 

9. Binder rings--these are great for putting together interactive books and other packets that you want to flip through easily. 

10. Scissors--I cut out a lot of materials from Teachers Pay Teachers.  Invest in a good pair for yourself and maybe some smaller ones for your students. 

11. Paper slicer--This saved me so much time instead of having to cut everything out with scissors.  

12. Pencils--Great for when you're working on worksheets or other writing activities. Chances are, the kids will not bring one with them. 

13. Construction paper--great for craftivities or just mixing it up instead of using plain white paper. 

14. Folders--I used one for every kid on my caseload. I kept their data sheets, attendance record, and any project or worksheets in there.  

15. Sheet protectors--You can use these to save papers in a binder or to write on worksheets with dry erase markers.

16. Dry erase markers--You can use these with sheet protectors or clear envelopes.  Others claim you can use them on your iPad! 

17. Sticky tack--If you have concrete walls, this may be your only way to hang things on the wall. 

18. Hot glue--Again, if you have concrete walls, this may be your only way to hang things up.  I used it for crafts as well. 

19. Individual white boards--I use these for drills and students keeping their own data throughout sessions. 

20. A fun tape dispenser--I bought one that was a flower.  Just adds a little decor to your room without being over the top. 

Now take this list to the store and happy shopping!! 

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