Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Resources for Typical Play Development

I work with a lot of kids under the age of 5 years.  I recently have had an influx of "late talkers" and children who are not interacting or playing as you might expect.  I've compiled a list of resources that I use as the professional and that I also give to my clients' parents.

Carol Westby created a play scale of 10 stages that goes up to age 5.  You can download it for free here: 

Teach Me to Play WITH You Manuel from Teach Me To Talk- $48 here

How Play Differs Among Toddlers with Typical Developing Skills, Language Delay, and Autism podcast from Teach Me to Talk

Early Language Development Handout from Super Duper-free download

Types/Stages of Play charts from Communication Station Speech Therapy--free download

Best Toys for Language Development blog post from my friend Katie at Play With Words 365

Language For the Playground--a website focusing on play skills.  This particular article focuses on the playground and 3 stages of social competence. 

Learn to Play--a website full of resources for therapists and parents

Zero to Three: four resources that describe the development of play from birth to three years

Social Thinking We Thinkers! Building Blocks Poster- $9.00 on their website

1 2 3 Just Play With Me- Play-Based Developmental Card Set- $42 on Amazon

Blog post from Medbridge regarding choosing appropriate toys

Preschool SLP Evaluation Forms from my friend Jenna at Speech Room News

Early Intervention Parent Handouts: Play from Language Launchers 

What are your favorite resources for typical play development? 

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