Monday, February 11, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Receptive Language Packet

As requested....I finally finished the St. Patrick's Day Receptive Language Packet!!  I've had this thing started for a long time and finally got around to finishing it this weekend!  Hope you enjoy it!

-Facts- Facts about St. Patrick's Day traditions and about the Blarney Stone. Download these in the preview file!! (2 pages)

-Game Boards- Open-ended board games to supplement your St. Patrick's Day activities (2 boards, 1 die).

-Leprechaun Hat WH-Questions- Students draw cards and answer the question on the cards. If they answer correctly, they keep their cards.

Watch out for special cards! (32 hat cards, 8 special cards, 8 blank cards)

-Clover Feud (Comprehension)- Play "Family Feud" style. Print a leprechaun for each student.

 SLP will read a fact card to the students.

 The SLP will then ask a question (based on question prompt card).

The students will raise their leprechauns as soon as they know the answer. Whoever raised their leprechaun first gets a point. Whoever has the most points at the end wins! (4 question prompt cards, 2 leprechauns, 24 fact cards, 6 blank cards)

-Leprechaun Categories- Play like Memory. Place all cards face down. Students will flip over 2 cards and determine if they match (category with items in the category). If they match, the students keep the cards. Whoever has the most matches wins! (32 leprechaun cards, 8 blank cards)

-Pot o’ Gold Following Directions-Students will draw a card and complete the direction on the card. If they complete the direction correctly, they place their card on their rainbow mat. Whoever has the most cards wins OR use a game board. (48 pot o' gold cards, 8 blank cards, 2 sorting mats).

You can find this activity in my TpT store!

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