Monday, November 24, 2014

Peekapak {product review}

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Today, I'm bringing you something completely different than I ever have done before.  Have you heard of Birchbox?  It's a monthly subscription service that sends you a box of makeup every month.  I've always wondered about having a similar concept for SLPs or teachers.  Today, I bring you Peekapak!

What is Peekapak? 
I'm glad you asked!   It's a monthly subscription service that includes toys for storytelling and play-based learning. There's an original storybook, a craft, and other activities to help the kids learn!

What was inside mine?
-Safety scissors
-Craft supplies (tape, crayons, popsicle sticks, string,small tub)
-Tanogram puzzle pieces
-Tanogram puzzle pages
-A toilet paper roll to make a kaledioscope
-Small, colorful beads/tokens
-Shiny paper
-Wax paper
-Paper figurines for story retell
-Peekapak Pals (paper dolls)
-Note from the co-founders

In my Peekapak, I had several activities.  Making a parachute, making a kaleidoscope, tanograms, and reading a book were just a couple examples. There were also popsicle sticks and paper dolls for story retell.

How to use in the speech world:
I think these boxes are perfect for our preschool or lower elementary friends.  The focus of my box was on shapes, which is what my kindergarten friends are working on in first and second quarter.  The tanograms (or any of the crafts) would be great for following directions.  The popsicle sticks and paper dolls also be great for story retell and sequencing. For our articulation students, read the story (or have them read it) and say the words with their sound(s) in them!  

Interested in Peekapak?   Head on over here!  Use the code SPECIAL10 to receive $10 off your Peekapak!

Have fun!!

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