Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Articulation Hunt {app review}

I have a brand new app for you to check out from Home Speech Home called Articulation Hunt!  For those of you that do a pirate theme in your speech room, this app is perfect for you!   This is a fun app to add into your rotation of apps for your articulation students.

Check out this video preview of the app:

You can use this app individually or in a group setting, which is perfect for group therapy and school SLPs! 

While setting up the game, you can choose the target sound for each child, the position of the sound, and the speed of the game.  I usually choose slow, because I think those are fast the way they are.  However, if your students/clients are up for a challenge, feel free to up the speed.

On each person's turn, the app pops up a picture and shows a number of stars for the number of times the child is to say the word.  The stars are filled in via voice activation.  It is not always super sensitive or is overly sensitive, which can be frustrating to my clients.  You can turn this off, though, so just monitor it in your sessions and see if you like it.

Once all of those stars are lit up, the game appears.  The bubbles appear at the speed you chose earlier (slow, medium, fast).  The students are working towards 50 jewels total.  The object is to pop the bubbles of the word that the student just practiced.  Every time they pop the correct picture, they receive a jewel.  If they pop the wrong word, there is a consequence, and they begin to lose jewels.

Once the child has received the 50 jewels, the game changes to a new land.  There are nine lands in the game: sunken treasure, candy land, enchanted forest, pirate cove, beanstalk heaven, scorching desert, crystal beach, creepy forest, and magical sea.  My clients have enjoyed seeing what land is next.

Once you are done playing for the day, exit the game and save the data!  This is a great way to monitor progress over various sessions as well.

You can change the settings to further customize the game.

Overall, this app is a fantastic way to keep students engaged in articulation drill.  It is an easy way to get I have used this app with clients of all ages, from 4 year olds to my 18 year olds.  All of them have enjoyed playing it and exploring the different lands.  They have all asked to play it again.  It is definitely an articulation app that I will add to my regular rotation!

If you are interested in purchasing this app, it is available on the app store for $5.99 at the time of this review:

Enjoy this fun, new app!

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