Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Never a Dull Moment

There is never a dull moment working in a Skilled Nursing Facility....

I'm about to share some shortened versions of stories that happened recently at my placement. I SO wish I could tell them to you in person, but hopefully they'll come across funny/interesting!

1. I had a patient plan a full blown birthday party for me.  I asked him to sequence 4 steps to planning a birthday party, and 15 minutes later, he's still planning. And I mean PLANNING. Down to how the table would be set.

2. We had to break up a fist fight over a BIB at the lunch table.  You heard me, a bib.

3. I came into work to find out that a patient had "escaped" the nursing home, threw a nurse into a garbage can, and therefore was now no longer at the home.

4.  I told a patient I was rooting for the Red Sox to win the World Series and the patient goes, "Oh honey....".  Welcome to Cardinal Nation.

5.  I had two patients try and marry me off.  One was getting impatient for my boyfriend to propose. He told me he was going to call him up and give him a "talking-to."

6. Another patient had just finished telling me her life story and said, "So tell me about you."  I asked what she wanted to know, to which she replied, "Your age, your prospects for getting married, that's all."  Umm....

7. I had a therapy session all about fishing.  We spent a good 10 minutes on how to determine if this one type of fish was male or female.

8. One of my patients has a bunch of stuffed animals all over his bed. He proceeded to tell me the story behind each and every one of them. In GREAT detail.

9. I was feeding a patient in the dining room and all of a sudden she asked, "Where's my mother?  I can't find her.  She's been gone a long time."  Ok admittedly, that's really sad. But TWO workers came up and answered the question for her, playing along with it.  For example, "Oh what's her name?  I haven't seen her, but I'll keep my eye out."

10.  I witnessed "church" happening in the dining hall one day. Someone made a comment about not caring about the Cardinals, and the head nurse says, "Girl, you know the devil is dancing right now. Can I get an amen church?"  She kept going on and on. I don't even remember what she was saying. All I heard was, "Can I get an amen?" over and over and over.

I love my job.  There is never a dull moment.  That's all.

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