Monday, January 7, 2013

Guest Post: Carrie Manchester from Carrie's Speech Corner

I am so excited to have Carrie write a guest post for me today!! I hope you enjoy it! :) 

Carrie Manchester is a licensed, ASHA certified speech and language pathologist working in a public elementary school.  Her caseload currently consists of primarily preschool-aged students.  In her spare time, Carrie writes the Speech Blog Carrie's Speech Corner.  You can follow her blog on Facebook and Twitter.  Click here to view her TPT store and here to follow her on Pinterest.

Hi everyone!  I was so excited to have Carissa write a guest post for me and her New Year's Receptive Language Packet was a huge hit!  Thank you so much Carissa!

I wanted to reciprocate and share one of my newest activities with the readers of Home Sweet Speech Room!  So, today I'd like to share with you Snowy Speech and Language Activities:

There are five different activities in this download.  Three are speech-specific and two are open-ended.

First, we have Build a Snowman Game:

Build a Snowman Cards

Extra Turn Cards

Foil Cards

This is a simple open-ended card game.  Students take turns drawing a card.  If they get a snowman piece, they keep it.  If the student draws a sun card, the sun melts their snowman and they return all of their cards to the center of the table.  If they draw a snowflake, they get to take an extra turn.  The first student to get one each of cards 1-4 is the winner. 

Next, we have Snowball Categories:

You get four snowman category mats (Winter Animals, Winter Clothing, Winter Activities, and Parts of a Snowman) and 18 snowballs with images.  Cut out snowballs and place face down on the table.  Have students draw a snowball and place under the appropriate category heading. There are blank snowmen and snowballs so that you can add your own categories to this activity.
Snowman Category Mats

Category Snowballs

Third, is Describing Similarities:

There are 18 cards, each with a snowman and two images.  Instruct the students to describe the similarities between the two items.  For example, in the first card, a car and a truck are alike because they are both vehicles.

Describing Similarities Cards

Fourth, Listening for Details:

There are 4 pages with 4 cards each (16 cards total).  The cards contain short stories (1-3 sentences) and a comprehension question for students to answer. 
Listening for Details Cards

Finally, Winter Wonderland is an open-ended board game:

You can use this with the language activities in this download or with your own articulation or language decks.

I hope you like this freebie!  You can download it HERE.  If you do download, please leave a comment and let us know what you think!


  1. This is an AMAZING set of language materials! I will also use it with my students working on articulation objectives at the spontaneous sentence and reading levels. I'm going to print and laminate it today so I can use it tomorrow. Thank you SO much!

  2. I agree with the 1st person to comment...this is AMAZING! Can't wait to print it out tonight...hopefully laminate and use tomorrow!


  3. Love these activities!!! Can't wait to print them! Thank you so much for sharing them!!

  4. Great packet! I will be able to use this with so many of my groups! Thank you for sharing the freebie and I can't wait to print, laminate, cut and use!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome freebie! :)

  6. Great packet! Thank you so much!!!

  7. What a generous offer. Thanks for including pictures in the materials. It makes them much more accessible for my students!

  8. this packet is wonderful. Thanks for posting freebies for us! Your book of the week activities are awesome also!

  9. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I think it would be fantastic to stay at manchester accomodation and spend a holiday there too.

  10. As I was cruising through your products, I came across this freebie from last year. Thank you so much for this packet. It is very generous of you! Even though winter is over----hopefully!, I am going to print it up for next winter. What a nice variety of activities!


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