Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tell Tale Fairy Tales {Product Review}

I'm so excited to share Tell Tale Fairy Tales with you!! This is a GREAT game from Blue Orange Games that can be used at both home and school!

The Basics:
The game comes in a little tin and has 60 cards and instructions.  Each card has a picture on each side, which means there are 120 pictures in total! The pictures include princesses, wizards, unicorns, pumpkins, princes, castles, and many more!

The tin states that the game is intended for 1 to 8 players ages 5 and up.  I think younger children can also play this game, perhaps just with less cards and some support. It is appropriate for both typically-developing and our speech and language kiddos!  It is also perfect for extra practice, especially now, since we're moving into the summer!

How to Play (four ways!)

1) Storyboard- All players take 6 cards (or whatever number) and place them in the order that they want  They take turns making up a story based on those 6 cards.  OR play in teams, where the team members alternate telling the story with each card.
2) Round N' Round- Players take 4 cards each and hold them in their hands.  One player starts the game, puts a card down, and begins a story.  Then, it moves to the next player, who chooses one of their cards and adds to the story.
3) Showtime- All players take 6 cards and place them in face-down piles in front of them.  The first player will flip over the first card and begin the story based on that card.  This player continues to flip cards and add to their story until all 6 cards have been flipped over. Then, it moves to the next person.
4) The Stack-Place 24 cards (or whatever number) in a pile in the middle of the table. The first player takes a card from the pile and begins the story.  Then the next player draws the next card and adds to the story.  This continues around the circle until all of the cards have been drawn.

Here's an example story my boyfriend came up with this weekend while we were playing it:

There once was a queen who thought she was very beautiful.  She would go into her closet every day and pick amazing clothes out.  She would make them look great. And then one day, she was walking out in the town.  She went to buy some strawberries. Someone came along and said, "You look like an old dude." She was not very happy about this.  Here's the thing about this queen.  She was actually an evil queen with magical powers. So what did she do with that person? Turned them into a pumpkin.  But, you see, Tinkerbell didn't like that much. Tinkerbell wasn't a fan of the whole "turning-people-into-pumpkins" thing. So the next day, Tinkerbell was thinking about how to fix this when she saw a sign for a party.  So Tinkerbell sat down and thought and thought some more.  She came up with a brilliant plan: to invite a pirate.  Eye patch, bird on his shoulder, the whole nine yards.  The next day, the party happens, the pirate shows up, and the queen says, "What's going on?! This is NOT cool. Get the pirate out of here."  So, he stole the queen's throne. He just took it with him to an island, stashed it there, and had a mermaid friend guard it.  Then what happened? The pirate got captured, and they sent him to jail.  The queen decided to enlist the help of Dracula, who would send bats out everywhere.  The bats would find the throne.  Well, they found the throne, but they didn't know how to get it because the mermaid had it.  The queen decided to send a reward out, saying, "Whoever brings my throne back gets a piece of my kingdom," thinking "Ha! I will mess up whoever does it." Well, Snow White went out, got the throne and brought it back.  The queen said, "I'm going to give you a bad apple."  Then the prince shows up and says, "No way!" Then he throws the queen down, Snow White takes over the throne, and they all lived happily ever after!

Here's a picture of some of the cards involved in this story.

Speech and Language Goals to Target:
-Story recall
-Other narrative skills (characters, setting, initiating event, problem, resolution, etc)
-Carryover for all skills, those listed above and also fluency and voice

Why I LOVE this Game:
-It is great for school AND home.  It can be used for therapy AND carryover.
-It can be used for so many goals!
-It is fun and allows the kids to be creative!
-The pictures--they are simple and easy enough for children to understand and they allow for vocabulary development
-It is great for adults, too.  My friends would love playing this game for game nights!
-It is very reasonably priced.

Do you love this game as much as I do?? You can find it on Amazon here or Blue Orange Games' website here

WAIT! There's more....

In honor of ASHA's Better Hearing and Speaking Month, Blue Orange wants to send a free copy of the game Flapz to interested therapists at the end of May. If you're interested, fill out this form here and tell them Home Sweet Speech Room sent you! 

Disclaimer:  I was provided a copy of the game for my review. All opinions expressed are mine.  This post may contain affiliate links.
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