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TalkPath Therapy {app review}

Several months ago, I did a series on apps from Lingraphica.  You can read my reviews of their apps here: TalkPath Writing,  TalkPath Speaking, TalkPath Reading, and TalkPath Listening.  They are all great apps for adults.  Today, I want to talk to you about their new app, TalkPath Therapy.

Here's a description straight from Lingraphica's website:
"Lingraphica's TalkPath Therapy is the ultimate speech therapy solution for individuals and professionals. With more than 4,600 scientifically developed therapy exercises accessible online or offline from an iPad® or online from a desktop or laptop computer, it’s the only mobile speech therapy solution you need. With extensive reporting features and multiple ways to access, users can count on TalkPath Therapy for tailored plans of care and on-the-go practice." 

The very first thing you need to do is create an account.  This is FREE, and it allows you to log in on your iPad and your computer.  There are two options here:  professional or individual/caregiver.  You would set up a professional account, and your clients would set up an individual account.

The individual account can be set up under your account, so you have access to all of them.  If the client has already set one up, you can search for them so they are under you.

The app has four options for activities: Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading.  Just click on the one you want on the homepage, and get started.

The first up is Listening.   There are four activity choices here:  Word ID, Complete the Phrase, Answer Questions, and Following Directions.

Word ID: The app speaks a word aloud, and the client touches the picture that matches.

Complete the Phrase:  The app will start a phrase, and the client will touch the picture that best completes it.

Answering Questions: The app will ask a question, and the client will touch the picture that answers the question.

Following Directions: The app will speak a direction, and the client will follow them.

The next up is Speaking.  These activities include functional word repetition, functional phrase repetition, flashcard naming, and tell me more.

Functional Word Repetition: The app will speak a word, and the client will repeat it.  Mark "right" and "wrong" in the top right for data purposes.

Functional Phrase Repetition: The app will speak a phrase, and the client will repeat it.  Mark "right" or "wrong" in the upper right corner for data.

Flashcard Naming:  The client will name the pictured item.  There are a list of hints along the side to help them.  Again, mark "right" or "wrong" in the upper right corner for data.

Tell Me More: The app will produce a picture in the middle of the screen.  The client will use the buttons around the picture to discuss the item pictured.

The third area is Writing.  The activities in this area include copying, spelling, sentence scramble, and complete the phrase.

Copying:  The app will provide a written word and a keyboard.  The client will type out the word on the screen.

Spelling:  The app will provide a picture, and the client will spell out the word.  The picture becomes bigger so you can see it more easily.

Sentence Scramble:  The app will provide mixed up words.  The client will arrange them to make a coherent sentence.

Complete the Phrase: The app provides a phrase, and the client will type in the rest of the phrase.

The final section is Reading. The activities in this area include matching, word ID, describe the picture, and sentence completion.

Matching:  The app will provide a letter or word for the client to match.

Word ID:  The client will read the word and will touch the picture that matches.

Describe the Picture:  The app will provide a picture and sentences that possibly describe the picture.  The client will choose the one that does describe it.

Sentence Completion:  The app will provide a written sentence and various words that will complete the sentence.  The client will choose the best answer.

The last part of this app is the report section.  This may be my favorite feature of the app.  You can search by date, activity, etc. for each client.  The report will produce a graph of the number of questions completed for each activity.  It will also show the number of time spent on that activity and which questions the client answered correctly/incorrectly.  I absolutely love all of the specific information this section provides! It makes data taking and analysis so simple!

What I love about this app:
-It's so comprehensive- it covers so many areas all in one app.
-It takes data and generates reports.
-It has individual users, so your clients can log in on their own time to practice.  You can see this practice!
-It speaks everything aloud, which is great for those with visual impairments or visual processing issues.
-It offers 3-5 different levels per activity for scaffolding.
-It also offers hints on some activities, which provides another level of cueing.
-It's easy to use, and the directions are straightfoward.

Bottom Line:
This is a great app for adults (or children with aphasia).  It allows for different areas of practice, different levels of practice, and great data keeping all in one app.

If you're interested, this app is currently FREE in the iTunes store here.  

Note:  I was contacted by Lingraphica about writing a review.  No compensation was received.  All opinions expressed are mine.

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